About Cranioworks

 In 2016 I started Cranioworks in Kelowna and I am working out of an office shared with 3 counsellors in Pandosy village area.

Prior to moving to Kelowna I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand  with my husband and three children. 

On February 22, 2011 we experienced an earthquake that shook Christchurch's foundations to the core. 

Our house was deemed unsafe to live in, and after the initial traumatic events we gathered our belongings only 6 weeks later and moved overseas to Kelowna, where we started all over. 

It was not until I took  the Body Intelligence training, to fully understand the effects that the earthquake and its aftermath had caused in my body. I slowly started to understand that not only my oldest daughter but also myself were experiencing PTSD symptoms.

A transformational journey began, and I have never looked back. Not only was I able to make a complete shift from  overwhelm, busy mind and  a hyperactive nervous system,  to being able to truly feel what it is like to be able to tune into the stillness and calm within. 

I learned that even in the midst of chaos around me, I can still access the calm within and have a quiet mind. 

This has lead to a feeling of increased energy, joy, inner awareness and a better sense of balance in life. Improvements in digestion, mood, concentration and awakening to a clearer sense of self were all pleasant side effects of  experiencing the work while training to become a practitioner.

I love my work and I love helping people connect to their inner healing capacity to be able to access so many benefits for body, mind and soul.