“Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Barbara Vaandrager at CranioWorks has saved my life. I lived with chronic headaches everyday for 3 years. I tried lots of treatment modalities without any success. Last year after 1 treatment my headache literally disappeared for 2 weeks straight! It felt like a miracle! I haven’t had to do many follow up appointments to maintain this pain free life. I have learned so much from her expertise and I am so grateful for her help. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for an alternative way to heal when other ways haven’t worked. 

~ Krista K

 “Barbara’s treatments have helped me manage long-term back-pain by teaching me how to relax deeply enough to allow my body to heal itself. I have increased confidence now in the ability of my body, and a better understanding of how my mind affects various functions of my body. I recommend Cranial Sacral therapy to anyone ready to make a change.”


 “My treatments with Barbara have always had a very positive effect on my well-being. I  feel very tranquil, restful and restored after a treatment. As well, I feel remarkably grounded,centered and in alignment. Barbara creates a safe atmosphere in which to achieve your health goals. Her extensive knowledge, compassion and nonjudgmental approach to her work creates the perfect environment for healing.  Each session has contributed to my healing process in exponential ways and I’m very grateful for Barbara’s incredible gifts, skills and talents which she shares so beautifully with others. I would highly recommend Barbara’s services to anyone who desires to achieve their health goals. Thank you Barbara!


“The wealth of experience and knowledge Barbara brings to her craniosacral treatments is beyond measure.  Her sensitive and thorough approach allowed me to relax enough to encourage deep healing of old injuries and trauma.  I have experienced long lasting improvements in areas I thought I would just have to live with discomfort and pain.”  


“Whatever I’m dealing with – physical or mental – when I have a session with Barbara, I always leave with a sense of calm and peace. She has helped me become aware and let go of the stress and anxiety I hold in my body; I am becoming more practiced at doing it on my own, but always go deeper when she guides me.
She has also referred me to other excellent supports in the community and working together, we have healed my chronic shoulder injury!”


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